PM’s manufacturing capabilities:

  • Baked Goodies • High-potency Distillate

  • Gummies • Vape pen cartridges

  • Hard Candies • Labeling, Packaging, etc.

  • Bottle Filling (including tinctures and beverages)

Quality Assurance

PM’s quality assurance program ensures consistent and safe products which meet their specifications. We use extensive policies and procedures to maintain a high level of compliance to GMPs and food safety standards.  These include mandatory training and qualification programs for all employees.

Third-Party Testing

PM routinely audits, validates, and coordinates with its third-party analytical partner to ensure the accuracy of their analyses.  PM also has in-house QA/QC testing capabilities to do R&D and in-process testing.


With our new state distribution license, we can reduces lead times associated with cannabis supply and testing.